Payne Harrison’s STORMING INTREPID was a New York Times Bestseller and a Cold War classic that helped define the techno-thriller genre.

   Now with EUROSTORM he weaves his narrative magic yet again – this time aboard the Eurostar bullet train as it races from London to Paris 

      On board,  things are not quite what they seem.

    A benign baggage car is actually a fortress on rails, begging the question: what lies within?  A courteous steward is, in fact, a viper in uniform controlled by dark forces no one can fathom.  And unbeknownst to the travelling public, several “passengers” are covertly packing military hardware in service to the Queen.

    When the train races out of the Chunnel on the French side, a sinister conspiracy a half-century in the making finally unfolds -- where the only hope for humankind rests with a small team of French commandos.  Only they can storm the Eurostar and bring the hijackers to heel before the payload – and the world as we know it -- is lost forever.